The NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh put forward 6 “Urgent Priorities” at Ottawa, Ontario. Singh said no matter what happens in this elections, he wants to ensure that Canadians Win and Canadians have to win. The priorities he announced the need to happen right away. “We can’t wait to implement these priorities or wait for another 4 years” as Jagmeet Singh said.

Jagmeet Singh’s Top 6 priorities are:

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  1. There must be a pharmacare plan for Canadians along with a national dental care program that will help over 4 million Canadians.
  2. To tackle the root cause of expensive housing. He mentioned that people can have a home that they can afford and Govt. also invest to build Half a million affordable homes.
  3. Singh said instead of waiving off a $6 Billion corporate loans (by Liberal Govt.), there must be a plan so that students don’t need to pay interest on the loan.
  4. A Bold, Audacious and Science-based plan to tackling the climate crisis. And end federal subsidies on fossil fuel.
  5. Implementation of “Super Wealth” so that richest Canadians pay tax on wealth (if above $20 million) that will result in close tax loopholes.
  6. Price cap on telephone and internet bills.

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These are 6 priorities Singh wants to implement immediately and he wants to help Canadians by implementing these.

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