The 2019 makeover of Canada’s food guide will be disclosed on Tuesday, Health Minister Ginette Petitpas Taylor declared.

Petitpas Taylor told columnists in Ottawa Sunday that she expects the refreshed record will better meet the needs of Canadians. However, she didn’t give specific details on changes.

“We need to perceive that we have 37 million Canadians in this country and there are many different diets that individuals follow,” she said.

The new guide will be introduced at Montreal’s Jean-Talon market. Petitpas Taylor said it would likewise be a “cutting edge instrument” for regular day to day existence that can be downloaded and available.

Canada’s Food Guide was last refreshed in 2007.

The central government led a survey from 2013 to 2015 that presumed that the present guide is “generally consistent” with the current science, yet that it needs a few changes, especially about sugary drinks and saturated fats.

Early concepts presented to focus groups for feedback suggested that significant changes could be coming to the final product.

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