A man of action and global experience with truly successful solutions for the citizens of Brampton.

Coming straight to the point, I believe that any candidate rooting to bring back the LRT, does not care for the residents of Brampton. They cannot comprehend the power of $400 million (LRT budget). They have no knowledge of proven global solutions; nor do they even try to look for them. No wonder we have so many bad decisions in council. And who do you think is going to end up paying for their ignorance?


Ladies and gentlemen, if you truly want to save your tax dollars, then please vote for Naresh Tharani as city councillor for wards 9 and 10.

Professional Career glimpses

  • Generated record funds for student body using creative thinking and alternate strategies during my tenure as President (Switzerland).
  • Increased manufacturing numbers to record levels for Dell Computers (Austin, Texas) by developing and implementing manufacturing process monitoring and pro/corrective action procedures.
  • Developed international trade strategy for electronics distributor (Los Angeles, California)
  • Winner of the “Tenny Award” for highest sales gain at Square One (Mississauga, ON), presided by Mayor Hazel McCallion.
  • Recognized by Rogers Communications at Rogers Stadium for highest sales (Toronto, ON)
  • Responsible allocation allowed for greater surplus funds while I was Treasurer of local business body (Mississauga, ON)
  • Form a meager start-up in 2005, my IT company now caters to a wide array of clients including teachers unions across the Golden Horseshoe.
  • After successfully expanding to Alberta, my healthcare education business is set to open its doors in Nova Scotia next year. While the online option allows nurses from all over Canada to benefit from our exceptional programs.

Now, to prove my point:

  1. Not only understand positive growth, but have been extremely successful at it (touch wood). As a city, Brampton’s growth has been stunted. I will change this.
  2. My global experiences allow for me to bring an entirely new dimension to the council. Other candidates could be limited to local exposure only.
  3. My life experiences have helped me integrate with a vast array of cultures. Isn’t this exactly what Brampton is all about? A beautiful mix of cultures! I will provide the best representation for all cultures, because I have lived them.
  4. My diverse education allows for me to examine issues from various perspectives. Along with my global experiences, this helps me create successful, cost effective, world class solutions. I will bring these successful solutions to Brampton.
  5. While other candidates continue talking about what they will do once they get elected, I can confidently claim that I have already done what a good councillor needs to be doing.

NARESH THARANI flyer_Page_1 (1)

I already have solutions for all the major issues that have plagued Brampton. This includes:

  • Transit, gridlock
  • Healthcare, mental health
  • Safety, crime reduction
  • Local jobs & economy

These solutions will NOT cost the tax payer a single penny. They lay within the $400 million that other candidates want to spend for just on small LRT line.

Some Points to be noted :

  • Harkirat Singh & Mangaljit Dabb intend to re-open the LRT*. That is a WASTE of $400 million of tax payers money. I have a solution for the entire transit issue of Brampton which will SAVE the TAX payers $300 million!!! To see my solution, please visit https://tharani.ca/save-your-tax-dollars/the-solution-for-brampton/
  • Micheal Farquharson & Harkirat Singh have hinted at “possibly raise taxes”*. My agenda includes FREEZING TAXES and creating alternate sources of income for the city.


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