While the rest of the fast-food nation seems to be hopping on a bandwagon that goes “Beyond” meat, over at McDonald’s Canada they’re working on making your beef burgers better.

As indicated by a media release, McDonald’s Canada is “upgrading its burger experience” with regards to their “classic” line-up. A couple of key changes to how they get things have done off-camera at taking an interest Golden Arches mean to give Canadian customers “a more delicious experience in every bite of their classic beef-burger favorites.”

Their “classic” burger line includes the huge hitters: Big Mac, Cheeseburger and Quarter Pounder.

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McD’s separates the “full suite” of burger advancements:

  • 100 percent Canadian beef patties now cooked in smaller batches than previously done for classic burgers, for hotter and juicier beef
  • Storage changes for fresher and crisper produce
  • Onions added directly on the patties on the grill to intensify flavor (except for the Quarter Pounder line-up)
  • More of their legendary Mac Sauce applied on Big Macs
  • New bun recipes for warmer buns

McDonald’s says these new steps to improve the classics are “the next evolution.”

Includes the cheap food goliath: “McDonald’s hamburger patties are 100 percent pure Canadian beef, produced using steers raised by farmers principally situated in Alberta and Saskatchewan, and — except for a touch of salt and pepper — delivered with no fake additives, fillers, colors or flavors.”

B.C., and Metro Vancouver, obviously, has an involved relationship with McD’s — the longest in the nation, all things being equal. The first Canadian franchise of McDonald’s — and the first McD’s located outside the U.S. — opened at 7120 No. 3 Road in Richmond back in 1967.

As a little bit to get folks chowing down on these new and improved burgers, from Aug. 13 to 19, McDonald’s is offering a $3 Big Mac at restaurants nationally.

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