Here’s the latest update on the ongoing Canada Post strike.

CUPW has stopped rotating strikes in Grande Prairie, Alta., Regina, Sask., Timmins, Ont., St. John’s, N.L., and Hamilton, Ont., yet the strike proceeds in different locations, according to a recent Canada Post press release.

Canada Post has been working to limit the effect the strike has on Canadians, however, the three biggest processing offices, situated in Toronto, Vancouver, and Montreal, have been shut down for down to 48 hours.

These three plants consolidated process a million bundles and parcels a day for communities over Canada and are vital to Canada Post’s national, integrated delivery organize.

There are currently trailers brimming with packages, parcels, and mail holding up to be unloaded and handled that are multiplied in these plants, with more arriving.

When handled, these items have to be delivered without overburdening Canada Post delivery employees.

Mail and parcels won’t be delivered or gotten in impacted areas during the strike.

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