Kiss Day 2019 Special: Kissing has a few advantages that it might seem, sure, it feels great, yet separated from that, it also lowers your blood pressure. It further releases epinephrine hormone into your blood which enables your heart to pump blood faster and hence decreases the amount of the bad cholesterol.

Here are a couple of reasons concerning why you must grab the person you love and kiss him or her as soon as possible:

It decreases your blood pressure:

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Kissing widens the blood vessels and this can thusly help reduce the levels of your blood pressure.

Relieves a headache and cramps:

The dilatation effect on the blood vessels to have a pronounced effect in relieving pain. This includes headaches and cramps from menstrual pain.

Fights cavities:

The salivation production in your mouth increases when you kiss. The excess saliva creation washes away the germs and plaque that gather in your mouth over some stretch of time. On the contrary, the cavity forming germs can also be transmitted from the mouth of one person to the other.

Helps by releasing your happy hormones:

Kissing helps release a cocktail of hormones, such as dopamine, serotonin, and oxytocin that are in charge of giving you a happy high. It isn’t only the feeling of bliss you get from it, but also the hormones can help strengthen the bond with your partner. Your lips have a dense connection of nerve endings which elevate the sense of pleasure in a person.

Burn calories:

Does it substitute for a 2-mile run? No. Yet, ponders have shown that a good session of intense kissing can help burn up to around 8 to 16 calories.

Boosts your self-esteem:

Research has demonstrated that people who leave home with a goodbye kiss are bound to work better and be in a good mood for the whole day. It could be a direct result of the feeling of feeling cherished and thought about that satisfies one. A kiss boosts your self-esteem and even make you more productive at work.

Tones the muscles of your face:

Kissing includes the muscles present in your face and stunning. A vigorous smooch can enable those muscles to misbehave and shape them all the process.

Check out the compatibility with your partner:

Kissing can be a critical factor to measure the initial attraction of a person. This could be important to the point that usually seen that if the first kiss isn’t up to the mark, it can be a great turn off. If you wish to discuss any specific problem, you can consult a doctor.

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