Italy’s response to COVID-19 was strict & early, and along the same lines as Indian quarantine measures. The pandemic has killed over 15,000 people in Italy.

There was a sigh of relief in Italy this weekend as the 19th victim COVID daily fell to its lowest in two weeks, led the authorities in Rome to declare that the limitation of detention places may subside soon.

There are more than 15,000 COVID-19 deaths in Italy so far, a number second only to that of China, where the pandemic originated. The situation is so grave at one point that the medical staff reported prioritizing treatment for those with a better chance of survival.

Struggling against the pandemic, Italy announced a series of stringent measures aimed at controlling the spread of COVID-19. The national lockdown was announced on March 9, banned everything from shops (except pharmacies and food markets) for a walk in the park and all non-essential economic activity. Violators face up to three months imprisonment and heavy fines.

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In response to the pandemic hailed by many as the most aggressive after China, and it seems to have worked.

“The curve has started to fall and the number of deaths has begun to fall,” Italian ISS (National Institute of Health, supervised by the Ministry of Health) Director Silvio Brusaferro told the media Sunday.

“If these data are confirmed (in the coming days), we have to start thinking about phase two,” he said, referring to the potential easing lockdown national month.

Lockdown that is currently in place in Italy is scheduled to last until 13 April but is expected to be extended.

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