Since the day Donald Trump has been elected as a president, most of the American technology companies have expanded themselves in Canada.

The skilled worker visa which is typically conceded in America has transformed from this month onwards. This will hurt the fresh Indian graduates looking for USA jobs. The Trump administration announced the new guidelines and guidelines on January 31, subsequently, extra 5,300 outsiders with higher or Master’s degrees from the USA organization are presently expected to acquire the visas. The total number of H-1B visas still remain the same, which is 85,000.

This change will additionally decrease the odds for the Indians of finding American jobs. Indian having undergraduate degrees will find it difficult to get jobs in America. Individuals with advanced degrees from non-USA universities will also find this difficult as well, including engineers and doctors.

USA Companies Moving to Canada as Trump’s Policies making Talented people prefer immigrating to Canada instead of USA

Each cloud has a silver covering – the new rules framed for the skilled worker visas make immigration to Canada more attractive for the Indian works seekers. Organizations like Amazon Apple Microsoft and IBM, just as other American innovation organizations, have rapidly expanded their operations after the election of the former president, Donald Trump.

As indicated by the reports from the Indian designers, regardless of being contracted by American innovation organizations, they have been denied work visas in America. In the year 2018, Brad Smith, the previous President of Microsoft, publicly stated that they will be forced to move their jobs to other provinces outside the United States if the visa restrictions continue.

US’ H-1B Visa Reaches Limit For 2020 Within Days Of New Financial Year

The big American ventures and technology companies are quickly growing in Canada and always in need to hire the top math, engineering and science graduates from all across the world. This helps in providing the top job opportunities for the Indians to move to Canada. Today, India is considered as one of the major global sources for scare talents.

Canada likewise lapping up the chance to Lure Immigrants. The lower unemployment rate in Canada further helps immigrants.

The Government of Canada is making a pitch to attract foreign talents, including from India too. Canada having a lower unemployment rate @ only 6 percent has a rapidly aging population. According to Ahmed Hussain, around 5 million Canadians are going to retire by 2035. Further, he added, by 2020, the goal of the government is to admit at least one million immigrants every year.

A few measures have been introduced by Canada with pull in talented foreigners and make it simpler for the understudies and get work visas. The Canadian specialists concede express entry permanent resident visa to individuals having advanced skills within 14 days of making the application as well as within 6 months to the skilled workers. On the other hand, it takes 15 years for an Indian engineer to get the permanent resident visa.

Facebook, Google, Uber among driving Giants who have moved to Canada – Immigrants prefer Canada over the USA as getting Job is far more easier in Canada.

Facebook and Google opened its workplaces in Montreal and Edmonton in 2017 so as to search for the best global talent in the world of Official Intelligence. Again, Uber set up its new office here.

Apple announces biggest discount on iPhone XR, price dropped to Rs 59,900

The government of Canada needs to make the nation one of the pioneers in the world of Artificial Intelligence and organizations and AI research.

Indian professionals have already made a huge commitment to the US organizations, particularly in the technology sector, including CEO of Google Microsoft, Adobe just as other very rich person organizations, it incorporates new companies and medium associations too.

Canada Government working aggressively to woo Immigration

All things considered, Indians will affect innovation just as other Canadian organizations. In 2018, Justin Trudeau led the Canadian delegation of 5 ministers to India. The major focus of this visit was to attract top talents of India to Canada. The delegation actually toured the major cities in India to promote their message to the professionals in students. According to the immigration minister of Canada, they are unapologetically and empathetically taking just the opposite approach. They welcome the entrepreneur spirits, innovation as well as the unique set of skills of the skilled newcomers.

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