We live in a period when information is literally at our fingertips with simply the push of a button or the click of a mouse. Huge information is now a big thing when it comes to the emerging new economy and how we develop as a society. On the off chance that you didn’t know, the City of Brampton has an open Brampton Jobs portal they named ‘The Brampton GeoHub‘, which allows Brampton city staff and the public to explore and download information about Canada’s ninth largest city.

Brampton jobs

If you click on the connection in the first section, you will be If you click on to the ‘city dashboard’ where plenty of information can be found about Brampton. A portion of that information concerns the condition of the local economy.

In this estimation, the provincial government is envisioning around 900,000 occupations in Peel Region by 2041. Employment comprises employments tallied by place of work; the outcomes are not balanced for undercounting or factors, such as “work from home” or “no fixed place of work” This data depends on Statistics Canada information and well as data given by the Peel Data Center.

According to that data, starting at 2016 Brampton has more than 200,000 jobs, with 64,000 businesses:

jobs in brampton

That number is projected to increase based on the following increments:

  • 234,400 jobs by the year 2021

  • 263,300 jobs by the year 2026

  • 284,900 jobs by the year 2031

  • 303,900 jobs by the year 2036

  • 324,900 jobs by the year 2041

One concern Brampton residents have is that the city is dominated by people who live here rather than work here. One way to measure that is calculating the jobs to population ratio, which highlights how the level of employment changes over time about population changes.

Business oppurtunity in Brampton

The current forecasted ratio for the Brampton jobs to population is 31.88 percent, but the target for the city is 38 percent, a regional allocation set by the province, determined jointly between Brampton and the Region of Peel.

With a lot of talk about reexamining land in Brampton to allow more commercial development rather than primarily residential, it’s interesting to see how the numbers reflect those conclusions.

What do you think about the prospect of that many Brampton jobs coming over the next few decades?

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