Happy Hug Day 2019 Date: One special day that is celebrated during Valentine’s week to express warmth and love is Hug Day. Celebrated on February 12, this day marks another important expression of love.

Keeping in mind that a few people will be hugging their partners right now, it would be simply one more day for other people. Be that as it may, for the uninitiated, the day is praised with your accomplice as well as with anyone whom you adore. Warm hugs keep stress at bay and make you a little happier.

And, just in case, you are still wondering as to why Hug Day is celebrated?  At that point, these 5 points will tell you the reason. Scroll down for the details.

Health benefits:

A hug does not simply help in making you become fonder of one another yet additionally influences your general wellbeing decidedly. When you hug your friends and family, you release oxytocin, a hormone responsible for your happiness.

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Physical attraction improves:

If you two are new in a relationship and are shy to get physical, begin off with a hug. This won’t simply enable you to get cozy however will likewise make your bond more meaningful.

The key to patch up:

Fights often divide us yet on the off chance that you are a hugger, at that point no battle can make both of you be angry with one another for long. It gives the cold feelings to disappear and make you feel how important you two are to each other.

Shows you love your partner:

Many of us don’t have the foggiest idea of how to tell our partners what we feel for them and all things considered, a hug comes to the rescue. A hug tells your partner the amount you adore and care for them and you unquestionably needn’t bother with words for that as a warm hug is sufficient to clarify your feelings.

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Stress Buster:

Long day at work has taken a toll on your mood? Go to your partner and hug them tight. The positive energy between a couple works as a stress buster. Try it some time!

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