With the emergence of another new variant of the coronavirus and rapidly rising Covid-19 cases in neighboring countries like China, Taiwan, and others, the threat of the fourth wave of infections looms amid Indians.

While India continues to record a declining trend in fresh Covid cases that led to a relaxation in virus-related norms across the country, health officials still warn against lowering ones’ guards due to the subvariant of Omicron, BA.2 or stealth Omicron.

With such changing scenarios, it is imperative for Indians to be aware of the new symptoms or signs of Covid-19. The answer to this may lie in your oral health, teeth and gums.

According to experts, just fever and cough are not the introductory symptoms anymore but the new variants may affect your teeth and gums.

Are new coronavirus infections affecting teeth and gums?

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A recent study has found that dental or oral health might have a link with Covid-19. As per the study, scientists believed that the coronavirus can have an effect on the health of teeth and 75% of the people suffering from corona have had such problems.

However, dental and gums problem is not new when it comes to Covid-19. Even after the deadly second Covid wave in India, many people complained of gums pain and sensitivity after recovery.

Is the dental problem a key Covid-19 symptom now?

A report of 54 studies on major symptoms of Covid-19 suggested the top 12 symptoms of corona did not include toothache or mouth-related symptoms.

Some of the symptoms were fever in 81.2% of people, cough in 58.5% and fatigue in almost 38.5% of the patients.

Don’t ignore gum/teeth

However, experts suggest that any sudden change or pain in teeth and gums should not be ignored and must be consulted with a health practitioner.

Covid Dental symptoms to watch out for

Some symptoms concerning your mouth or gums may appear as early signs of Covid-19 and one must watch out for the following signs:

  • Pain in the gums
  • Fever
  • Persistent cough
  • Extreme fatigue
  • Blood clot in the gums
  • Pain in the jaw or tooth
  • Treatment of pain in Covid teeth

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