This is a welcome needed development for Flickr users who supposedly didn’t care for the login system introduced in 2007, two years after Yahoo acquired the website.

Photo-sharing site Flickr has at long last dumped Yahoo’s old login system after more than 10 years, a move which was most asked for by its users.

“It’s been difficult for Flickr’s new proprietor, SmugMug, to step far from Yahoo. With an end goal to improve execution and dependability, SmugMug additionally has been moving information from Yahoo’s server farms to Amazon Web Services registering establishment,” CNET provided details regarding Monday.

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This is a much-needed development for Flickr users who reportedly didn’t care for the login system introduced in 2007, two years after Yahoo acquired the site.

Verizon-owned Yahoo was once an Internet giant that helped popularise services like web-based email.

In any case, it has lost a lot of impacts, for the most part in the wake of being hit by a massive information break that affected all its three billion accounts.

Meanwhile, Flickr as of late stretched out the February 5 due date to March 12 for free accounts to download pictures before it officially starts deleting them if they exceed 1,000.

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A year ago, Flickr had announced a new pricing plan under which users had to pay $50 for a Pro membership or stay limited to 1,000 photographs.

Photo Website SmugMug that objectives professional picture takers as a place to sell photographs and run their sites purchased Flickr in April 2018 and announced the new policies on November 1, 2018.

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