Prime Minister Scott Morrison says the rate of increase in coronavirus cases has fallen in Australia over the past week, showing social-distancing and self-isolation measures are working.

While the nationwide death toll rose to 16 following the death of a woman in Queensland and a man in Victoria, Mr. Morrison said the rate of increase has dropped from 25 to 30 percent a day, for 13 to 15 percent per day.

Adding a rate of increase that is “still strong”, the Prime Minister launched a new application that allows users to navigate the latest advice and information about coronavirus in real-time.

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Coronavirus Australia, which is available from Apple’s App Store and Google Play, launched together with the new Government WhatsApp features.

“And that will help you to get the information that is accurate and timely information about what is being done by governments across the country to support you, because you and your family and your household and community work you through the months hard at the front because of coronavirus. ”

Mr. Morrison added Coronavirus Australian application will be “where reliable advice and information” about the current situation.

Australia can’t ‘cut and paste’ systems

In addition to the new features, the Federal Government detailed its $1.1 billion healthcare package.

The funding includes $669 million for Medicare subsidized telehealth services, $74 million for mental health support — including a dedicated coronavirus wellbeing hotline coordinated by BeyondBlue — $150 million for domestic violence initiatives and $200 million for emergency relief support.

The expansion of telehealth services means that the health of people isolate themselves can access by telephone or by video conference, including consulting with physicians, specialists, and allied health professionals.

The government also doubled the bulk-billing incentive and make available for face-to-face and telehealth consultation, and offering incentive payments to ensure the practice remains open to provide face to face services when needed.

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“It was very important because so many health cares still needs to be face to face, involving examination, consultation involving the physical,” said Health Minister Greg Hunt.

Mr. Morrison added the government has been careful to ensure that income support can be delivered by way of “getting it to the people as soon as possible”.

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