Visits Facebook chief executive Mark Zuckerberg to Washington came as the company faces a myriad of questions regulatory and legal issues such as competition, digital privacy, censorship and transparency in political advertising in the vicinity.

Facebook chief executive Mark Zuckerberg to meet Thursday with US President Donald Trump and members of Congress on a reconnaissance mission to Washington politics, in which he rejected calls to break up the largest social network in the world.

Zuckerberg visits come as Facebook face a myriad of questions regulatory and legal issues such as competition, digital privacy, censorship and transparency in political advertising in the vicinity.

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A spokesman for Facebook said the discussions focused in part on the future regulation of the internet.

Senate Democrat Mark Warner, a member of parliament who has led in Washington in digital security, they gave Zuckerberg hinted earful.

The visit, including a Wednesday evening private dinner with Warner and other MPs, came after the appearance of a storm last year before Congress, where he was grilled on data protection and privacy of Facebook’s missteps.

Senator Josh Hawley, a Czech student and one of the more vocal critics of Facebook, said he had “frank conversation” with Zuckerberg but remains concerned.

“Challenged him to do two things to show serious FB about the bias, privacy and competition. 1) Sell WhatsApp and Instagram 2) Submit to independent, third-party checks on the sensors, “Hawley tweeted.

“He said no to both.”

Trump Thursday posted a picture on Facebook and Twitter showing him shaking hands with Zuckerberg, but did not share the details of their conversation.

“Nice to meet Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook in the Oval Office today,” the president wrote.

Federal and state antitrust enforcers who see the potential for anti-competitive actions by Facebook and members of Congress debated national privacy laws.

WhatsApp messaging products and the image-sharing Instagram giant is part of a comprehensive family of services that Facebook has made it a global online giant, but it has also affected the company’s concerns about competition, harvest data, and extensive digital control.

Warner said he was not ready to call for the dismantling Facebook.

“I have not been with some of my friends who want to immediately break,” he told Fox Business Network.

“I’m worried about. It is a global company, and I do not want to transfer leadership for Chinese enterprises,” he added.

“But I think we need more transparency. We need to have the right to privacy is protected. We need to increase competition by things such as data portability and interoperability. ”

Two months ago, the US Federal Trade Commission reached up to a record $ 5 billion fine for breach of data protection in a residential area that requires improvement privacy controls and supervision in social networks.

Earlier Wednesday, executives from Facebook, Google and Twitter appear before the Senate panel to answer questions on “digital responsibility” in the face of online violence and extremism.

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