Facebook Inc on Tuesday added Canada and Ukraine to the rundown of nations where sponsors hoping to run political advertisements on its stage should initially confirm their character and uncover who paid for the promotions.

The organization said in an announcement it will start observing promotions in those two nations promptly “through a combination of the automated and human review.” It said it will start authorizing the standards in Singapore and Argentina “inside the following couple of months.”

Under scrutiny from regulators since Russia utilized online networking stages for across the board intruding in the 2016 U.S. presidential race, Facebook has been taking off advertisements straightforwardness devices nation by the nation since a year ago.

Facebook adds Canada to list of countries with rules for political ads

The rules – already in place in the United States, the European Union, Britain and India – require ads about politics, elections or “social issues” to be labeled as “paid for” and placed in a publicly searchable archive for seven years, along with information on who saw them and how much they cost.

Facebook said it was making its transparency tools accessible to advertisers in more than 190 countries, although verification was not yet a requirement in most of those places.

Canadian lawmakers have said the world’s major social media companies, including Facebook, were not doing enough to help combat potential foreign meddling in Canada’s general election in October.

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