Schools belonging to the Montreal English School Board and the Scolaire de Montréal Commission will comply with the Quebec Bill 21 for the coming school year, which starts after Labor Day.

Although the previous vote said the two councils would not comply with secular rules, the EMSB voted against discussing the resolution of the ban on provincial religious symbols at a meeting on Wednesday.

According to a spokesperson at EMSB, the school board will apply the law when students return to school on September 3.

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Yesterday’s news came despite EMSB’s repeated efforts to denounce the law.

In the spring, the EMSB released a statement stating that they opposed Bill 21, “we will not implement measures in the proposed religious symbol law.”

“The Quebec government has stated its intention to propose a law to prohibit the use of religious symbols for all people in positions of authority, including teachers,” EMSB Chair Angela Mancini, said in March. “We believe in the secularity of the state while continuing to support individual rights to religious freedom.”

Last week, on par with the EMSB in France, CSDM announced it would abide by the ban on religious symbols despite efforts not to do so.

“CSDM has expressed its opposition to several aspects of Bill 21 in a report submitted to parliamentary officials studying the new law,” a French statement from CSDM said in June. “The report states that‘ due to education, democracy, and social issues that are important in the context of the bill, CSDM cannot subscribe to some elements of Bill 21. ‘”

Job posts for the Scolaire de Montréal Commission now require new teachers not to wear face masks or religious symbols while working.

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The Quebec religious neutrality law prohibits workers in the public sector from wearing religious symbols at work.

According to the EMSB, teachers who do not respect the rules of secularism may be subject to sanctions.

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