Last time storm caused closure was nearly two decades ago, town official says
A winter storm warning information issued late Wednesday, warning tourists to return if they are headed to the Canada-US border. Coutts, Alta. and Sweet Grass, Mont.

Border crossings were closed at 06:30 Highway 4 the remains open in Canada, but travel is not recommended, whereas I-15 was closed from the border to Shelby, Mont., Where some vehicles had slid off the highway.

“If you come to the US Customs, they turn you back,” said Lori Rolfe, village administrative director of Coutts’. “We have plenty of snow and lots of blowing so visibility was not great.”

Rolfe said the closure was very unusual – the last time he remembered a similar incident in 2000.

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The village of 250 residents have filled bed and breakfasts and motels with stranded travelers and has opened an emergency center at 105 Central Ave. to greet others who may need a place to stay.

Alberta Emergency Preparedness travelers warned to stay off the roads between Milk River and Coutts.

A winter storm warning is also in place for the area, with snow expected may exceed 50 centimeters in the Canadian side of the border and strong winds brought visibility down to zero.

snow is expected to subside Thursday afternoon, said Environment Canada.

Across the border, the US National Weather Service warned that snow could accumulate as much as 70 centimeters.

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