Higher consumption of tomatoes could be related to a decreased risk of liver cancer caused by high-fat diets, a study has found.

The investigation, conducted on mice, demonstrated that tomatoes are wealthy in lycopene – a solid cell reinforcement, mitigating and against malignancy specialist – which helps in effectively reducing fatty liver disease, inflammation and liver cancer development.

“Consuming whole foods like tomatoes and prepared tomatoes from sauces, tomato paste, canned whole tomato items, ketchup, and juice, provides the best source of lycopene,” said Xiang-Dong Wang, Professor at Tufts University in the US.

Curiously, we saw that tomato powder is more effective than a similar portion of purified lycopene supplementation to prevent liver cancer development, said Wang.

This could be because of the potential beneficial effects of different supplements in a whole tomato, such as vitamin E, vitamin C, folate, minerals, phenolic compounds, and dietary fibers.

Furthermore, feeding mice tomato powder increased the lavishness and assorted variety of helpful microbiota and prevented the overgrowth of some bacteria related to inflammation, said the study, published in the journal Cancer Prevention Research.

For the investigation, infant mice were infected with a liver carcinogen and then fed an unhealthy high-fat eating routine like a Western eating routine, with or without tomato powder containing lycopene.

Different foods including guava, watermelon, grapefruit, papaya, and sweet red pepper additionally contain lycopene, yet in much lower concentrations compared to tomatoes.

Eating tomatoes and tomato products, for example, tomato sauce wealthy in lycopene is additionally connected with a lower risk of cardiovascular disease, osteoporosis, diabetes, and certain cancers, including prostate, lung, breast and colon cancer, the study showed.

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