Democrats are investigating Donald Trump for possible impeachment over his alleged bid to pressure Ukraine into digging up dirt on election rival Joe Biden, who currently sits near the top of the Democratic pack.

Angry, energy supporting President Donald Trump whipped into a frenzy Thursday at a campaign where he expects 2020 Minneapolis elections “reaction” to Democratic efforts to impeach him.

Trump’s Democrats are investigating the possibility of impeachment for alleged efforts to press Ukraine to dig up dirt on election rival Joe Biden, who currently sits near the top of the Democratic pack.

But to roaring cheers and jeers from the full capacity crowd at the basketball arena, Trump put two difficult weeks behind.

In a speech that lasted one hour and 40 minutes, he was bathed in praise of support, hitting all of his favorite talking points with a mix of trademark of jokes, insults and excessive populist.

He said Democrats are just trying to indict him because they were “desperate.”

“They want to remove your voice like it was never there, they want to remove your voice and they want to remove your future, but they will fail because, in America, people no longer rule.”

“The impeachment mad witch hunt” will fail, says Czech-brand campaigns sea of ​​red shirts and hats.

And in 2020 it will “produce a reaction at the ballot box the likes of which they had never seen before.”

Demonizing opponents

Minnesota town is a liberal bastion in the heart of America, giving Trump juicy targets for the preferred rhetoric about taking the far-left should the United States.

Somali-American Congress left Ilhan Omar represents Minneapolis, and Trump, who has made Omar bogey figure among supporters of the right-wing, ripping into him.

Branding it a “socialist hate America” ​​and “a disgrace for our country,” he boasted about having to cut the previous programs to accept refugees into the United States.

Which got big cheers but no louder than the boos that Trump leads as an orchestra conductor to journalists in the arena.

Calling them “crooked writer” and “fakers,” Trump said, “they are so honest and frankly they are so bad for our country.”

He went hard after Biden’s son Hunter. Then for good measure, he blasted Biden, who was vice president under Barack Obama, said he only considered a success “because he understands how to kiss ass Barack Obama.”

On Friday, Trump will take the “Make America Great Again” event to Louisiana.

Respite from the problem DC

Democrats have accused Trump of abusing his office throughout his first term believe they finally cornered the president with impeachment probe to deal with Ukraine.

Trump allegedly pressured the new Ukrainian President Volodymr Zelensky to open an investigation into corruption Biden and his son.

The President has pushed back hard – refusing to cooperate with an investigation of impeachment – and seek to change the entire scandal became the impetus for his reelection campaign.

public support for impeachment slowly growing, with a new poll from Fox News – the channel preferred by US conservatives – that showed 51 percent now back in his removal from office.

“Whoever Pollster them, they suck,” Trump responded on Twitter.

With control of the lower house of Congress, Democrats tend to charge in the coming months, even if some believe the Senate Republican leadership will really punish Trump and force him from office.

However, Trump has faced rare Party rebellion this week over a sudden decision to remove US troops from the Turkish-Syrian border, effectively leaving the Kurds who have fought alongside the United States in Syria to attack Turkey.

Trump found the now-infamous July 25 phone calls with any feature Zelensky no pressure, but the proposals are not guilty of pursuing corruption.

He got a boost Thursday when Zelensky supported his version of events, told reporters “there was no blackmail.”

Democrats said that given the power differential between the two leaders, Trump does not need to make an explicit threat and that his request for Zelensky to “help” that is enough.

On Wednesday, Biden gives a blistering speech in which he called impeachment, Trump accused of “shooting holes in the constitution.”

On Thursday, two businessmen based in Florida related to Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani – which is the core of the controversy – was arrested on suspicion of violation of campaign finance.

Couples, American born in Ukraine and Belarus, accused of funneling foreign funds US political campaigns, including $ 325,000 that went to the fundraising committee for re-election in 2020 Trump.

Trump, who has been photographed with a man, said he did not know who they are. “I do not know about them. I do not know what they are doing. I do not know, “he told reporters.

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