The People’s Liberation Army Navy (PLAN) last month celebrated its 70th anniversary in which Indian naval ships, including the indigenously developed missile destroyer, INS Kolkata along with tanker INS Shakti took part in the fleet review held at Qingdao.

China, which is developing its navy at a feverish pace, has appointed two increasingly guided missile destroyers taking the aggregate of such warships to 20 with additional in the pipeline, state-media provided details regarding Monday.

Two Type 052D guided missile destroyers were launched last Friday in Dalian, a seaside city, state-run Global Times revealed.

Their charging denoted the nineteenth and twentieth of dispatches of their sort, the report said and cited Chinese examiners as saying that plans are in the air to assemble progressively guided rocket destroyers.

China now has 20 Type 052Ds either in active service or being fitted out for service soon, the report said.

Destroyers are fast, highly maneuverable long distance warships which are also used to accompany the aircraft carriers.

The People’s Liberation Army Navy (PLAN) a month ago commended its 70th commemoration where Indian maritime boats, including the indigenously created rocket destroyer, INS Kolkata alongside tanker INS Shakti partook in the armada survey held at Qingdao.

The PLAN is presently viewed as the world’s quickest developing naval force with new vessels being included to the armada a month to month premise.

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While it has one plane carrying warship, the Liaoning which was authorized in 2012, its second indigenously manufactured plane carrying warship is right now experiencing preliminaries and a third one is being worked at a hot pace. China intends to get around five to six plane carrying warships in the coming years, as indicated by reports in the official media.

As part of the new military doctrine advocated by President Xi Jinping, the 2.3 million-strong Chinese military, the largest in the world, has cut down the size of its army by three lakhs in the last few years and expanded its navy and air force manifold to enhance its global influence.

The Chinese navy for the first time in its history has logistic bases in Djibouti in the Indian Ocean and is developing Pakistan’s Gwadar port in the Arabian Sea. China also has acquired Sri Lanka’s Hambantota port in a debt swap for 99 years.

Wei Dongxu, a Beijing-based military analyst, told the Global Times that China might have more than 30 destroyers in the future.

“The platform (of the Type 052D) is pretty reliable and it uses very mature technologies. These make it suitable for mass production,” Wei said, noting that the destroyers will play crucial roles in China’s fleet air defense system.

The domestically developed Type 052D destroyer saw significant upgrades on its predecessor, the Type 052C. It is equipped with weapons and equipment, including advanced active electronically scanned array radar systems and 64 vertical launch missile cells, the report said.

The ship is capable of undertaking missions, including escort and air defense, the Chinese analysts said. The vessels launched back then were two Type 055s, China’s more advanced destroyer featuring a displacement of more than 10,000 tons and 112 vertical launch missile cells.

The Type 055 destroyer can provide stronger air defense umbrellas to, for example, an aircraft carrier combat group, but it is not necessary to dispatch a ship with its caliber for every single mission because for many the smaller and less expensive Type 052D would suffice, Wei said.

The US Navy currently operates more than 60 Arleigh Burke-class destroyers and more than 20 Ticonderoga-class cruisers.

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