The Global Times reported that the number of drugs purportedly smuggled by Schellenberg “will surprise you when it goes public.” The fight among Ottawa and Beijing moved to silly new heights late Wednesday in the wake of Beijing declared that it would bring drug smuggling charges against a Canadian national as of late kept in the northeastern area of Liaoning.

Reuters detailed Wednesday that a Chinese court in Dalian has formally charged Canadian Robert Lloyd Schellenberg with smuggling “an enormous amount of drugs” into China – a crime that typically carries the death penalty in the notoriously strict Communist judicial system.

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Schellenberg will confront an appeal hearing on Saturday, as indicated by a local government news site. The English-dialect Chinese site Global Times revealed that the number of drugs purportedly carried by Schellenberg “will surprise you when it goes public.”

The GT recorded the penalties for drug smuggling under Chinese law as pursues:

As per China’s Criminal Law, people who smuggle, traffic in, transport or produce opium of at the very least 1,000 grams, heroin or methylaniline of at the very least 50 grams or other narcotic drugs of expansive amounts will be sentenced to fixed-term detainment of 15 years, life imprisonment or death and furthermore to confiscation of property.

Following the arrest of Huawei CFO Meng Wanzhou – the girl of one of China’s most commended titans of industry – at the behest of federal prosecutors in the US, Beijing confined two Canadians – previous Canadian representative Michael Kovrig and China-based agent Michael Spavor – whom China has blamed for taking part in exercises that “endanger China’s security”. Canada has protested their arrest and demanded their release, however, Beijing has generally laughed at Canada’s objections.

Kovrig is a senior counselor at the International Crisis Group think tank, while Spavor encourages excursions to North Korea (his customers include former NBA star, Dennis Rodman). It has been broadly theorized that the arrest of the two men was planned as countering for Meng. However, no direct connection has been substantiated. TThe circumstances surrounding Schellenberg’s arrest are less clear.

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Furthermore, a Canadian lady named Sarah McIver is likewise being held in China and will probably be deported for working illegally in the country.

In 2009, China executed UK national and convicted drug smuggler Akmal Shaikh after he was convicted of smuggling 4,030 grams of heroin into China – over the protests of the British government.

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