In case you’re one to rack up extra data charges on your mobile phone, one Canadian wireless supplier is offering a deal with 100 GB of data. Freedom Mobile, which is part of Shaw Communications Inc., is offering the 100 GB Black Friday deal to new and current customers starting at just $60 every month. In any case, they should sign up for a new device and a two-year plan.

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Clients should note that the 100 GB add-on does not expire but rather will be connected when the client goes over their monthly plan. Consider it as a backup data pool to save you from those extra charges.

The up-to-100 GB data tab can also be added to other plans including their $80 and $100 deals.

Freedom Mobile

Freedom Mobile announced its ‘Big Gig’ plans in 2017, which gave users a 10 GB data option for $50 per month. The company’s 10 GB deal has since been changed to $60 per month.

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Freedom Mobile’s new 100 GB add-on is only available for a limited time but the wireless provider has not specified when it will end. More details are available on the Freedom Mobile website.


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