Overall, Canada was ranked third overall on the Anholt-Ipsos Nation Brands Index
People from all over the world have considered the brand one of Canada’s best in the world.

This year, Canada ranked third out of 50 countries in the Anholt Nation Brands Index-Ipsos, up from fifth place overall in 2018. Only top-ranked France and Germany scored higher than in Canada.

The rankings are based on 20 035 online interviews conducted with adults over the age of 18 in 20 countries.

Canada placed first in three of the six categories of individuals who are used to rank the 50 countries – immigration and investment, people and governance. It was also the only country in five enhanced status within government, culture, and tourism.

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This is the second year in a row that Canada ranks first for immigration and investment, which is the authority of a country to attract people to live, work or study as well as the perception of the quality of life and business environment.

Immigration and investment score is based on five “composite attributes” – the work and life, quality of life, educational qualifications, invest in the business, and equality in society.

A spokesman for the principal investigators, Vadim Volos, outlines the findings in an emailed statement to CIC News. Volos itself is not available for immediate comment on the findings.

“Immigration and Investment Index evaluate the strength of a country to attract talent and capital,” the statement said. “It is measured not only by whether people would consider studying, working or living in the country, but also by the perception of the country’s economic prosperity, equality of opportunity, and finally whether it is considered a place with a high quality of life.”

Participants in the study were also asked to provide 50 state “personality traits.”

Canada is considered friendly by 39 percent of correspondents, is trusted by 30 percent, with 29 percent happy, and generous by 19 percent.

“A Nation Brand (or reputation) is not built overnight,” a statement from the Volos research team said.

“Rarely nation get ranked in top five in the overall [National Brand Index] with no consistency in his image.”

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