Canadians use cocaine more often than almost every other country on earth.

That’s according to the annual Global Drug Survey that canvasses more than 130,000 people across 36 countries about their use of substances.

To conduct the study’s data on blow, researchers asked 1,960 Canadians how many days they used the drug in the last 12 months.

Canada had the second-highest median number of days with 10, ranking second behind Scotland where the average is 12 days a year.

The Great White North’s average use of 10 days a year is nearly double the global median of six days a year.

For comparison, Canadians reported getting drunk an average of 47.9 times in a 12-month period.

While there’s generally no good reason to use booger sugar, the drug is most affordable in Canada, costing an average of $85 per gram compared to the global average of $120.

Despite using Bolivian marching powder more often, when Canadians do indulge they use a half gram on average, which matches the median worldwide.

However, cocaine using Canucks are feeling conflicted about their use of ol’Charlie Sheen.

According to the survey, six of 10 Canadians surveyed would like to do cocaine less often.

Behind Scotland and Canada in cocaine use are Brazil, Italy, Portugal, Denmark, and England.

To see the full survey, click here.

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