Canada’s biggest blockchain trade association, the Chamber of Digital Commerce has united with the Blockchain Association of Canada (BAC), which will currently pass by the Chamber of Digital Commerce Canada.

The merger was declared in a public statement posted on the Chamber of Digital Commerce site on Feb 5.

Executive director and policy strategist of the BAC, Tanya Woods, will be serving in as the managing director of the Chamber of Digital Commerce Canada. Woods has recently worked for the Canadian government, BCE, Nintendo, and Microsoft. Woods said in the press release:

“Canada’s blockchain leaders and government would like to see a strong and coordinated blockchain ecosystem that is ready and able to effectively collaborate with policymakers to ensure the industry in Canada will thrive.”

Don Tapscott, executive chairman of the Blockchain Research Institute, said that Canada is “all around situated” to become a global leader in the blockchain business. He included that, “It is critical for Canada to have a bound together nearby network driving blockchain adoption… ”

The Chamber of Digital Commerce was built up in July 2014 and is included 200 organizations that are hoping to put resources into blockchain innovation. Outstanding individuals incorporate Microsoft, Overstock, IBM, and Bitpay.

On October 2018, Cointelegraph detailed that the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) consented to trial a blockchain shipping solution that was made by IBM. A blockchain implemented system would purportedly allow for the automation of distribution and trade processes, in addition to decreasing costs and margin for error.

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Canada has become a leading nation in the crypto and blockchain spaces due to its favorable regulatory regime, low energy costs, innovation, and high internet speed.

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