The city is cautioning residents in southwest Calgary about aggressive coyotes after a pet dog was dragged from a terrace and killed.

The deadly experience happened at home circumscribing Strathcona Ravine late Sunday night, as per a report gave to the city.

“The resident let the puppy out, and he didn’t return. It’s as straightforward as that,” said Steven Snell, a protection strategy lead with the city of Calgary.

“They set the canine out to go pee during the evening, and after that, they opened the door, and scruffy didn’t return.”

Snell said a natural life expert working for the city could find a trail and check the canine was taken from the yard by a coyote.

A series of reports from southwest residents about aggressive experiences with coyotes incited region councilor Jeff Davison to issue a notice, encouraging inhabitants to protect kids and pets from the animals.

There have been reports of aggressive coyotes in Ward 6 – particularly in the communities of Strathcona, Christie and West Springs. Here are a few tips on Coyote safety. #yyc #yyccc #Ward6 #wildlife #community— Jeff Davison (@JeffDavisonYYC) January 7, 2019

Snell said coyotes experiences including hounds are regular yet it’s “very” uncommon that a pet is harmed or killed.

The occurrence is being investigated, and experts are checking the coyote included. Authorities have not yet chosen whether the coyote will be euthanized.

“If (the consultant’s) report proposes that it is a real aggressive coyote versus only a coyote collaborating in an urban environment, we can move past the right of passage, and we’ll go to deadly removal,” Snell said. The right of passage includes imparting apprehension of people with “non-deadly systems,” including loud noises and mud pellets, he said.

Strathcona Ravine is a green corridor that goes through Aspen Woods and Christie Park and is an “extraordinary natural surroundings” for a coyotes, Snell said.

“As terrible as it is a canine owner. Unfortunately, there’s a positive that leaves it. There’s a chance to educate citizens; there’s a chance to educate communities,” he said.

“We need to coincide with natural life. Coyotes will never leave in the city of Calgary. They’re continually going to be here. They’re brilliantly versatile urban species.”

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