Some Brampton residents could be eligible to get money back if they bought certain products. If you purchased any of the accompanying CRT (cathode ray tube – a display device often used in TVs and PC monitors) items in Canada between March. 1, 1995 and Nov. 25, 2007, you can get cashback from repayments.


  • CRT TVs
  • CRT computer monitors
  • CRTs for inclusion in TVs or computer monitors

Residents may be eligible to pay little mind to the manufacturer or brand where they purchased the item.

To be considered, residents need to complete and document a claim form by March. 1, 2019.

To file a claim, click here.

Eligible residents will receive a minimum payment of $20 yet payment will be given out on a proportional basis, based on the value of the resident’s claim in relation to the value of all approved claims.

Cases will be founded on the following variables.

  • CRT purchases
  • Value of CRT
  • Categorization (the customer’s position within the distribution chain)

The defendants, listed below, each agreed to pay a separate amount in the settlement.

  1. Chunghwa, $2 million
  2. Panasonic, $4.15 million
  3. Toshiba, US$2.95 million
  4. Hitachi, US$2.05 million
  5. LG Electronics, $7.75 million
  6. Philips $12.4 million
  7. Samsung SDI, $16.98 million

“Our hope is that cases like this will encourage companies to be more mindful of their legal obligations to their customers, including in how they price their products,” Moran explained.

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