Originally from traditional Buddhists monk, Mala Beads with blessed Buddhist Bracelet is viewed as spiritual jewels, conveying huge meanings and unique energy. They have gained much popularity thanks to a global fascination for Eastern philosophies. However, are there whatever other reasons, why people like them.

“Why choose a Buddhist Bracelet?”

We are a group of people, designers, yogis, and artists who came together to create “Buddhist bracelet” a bracelet like no other.

Every single bracelet we offer is 100% natural, handmade, top quality, and blessed.

Natural: Every bracelet we have is made of natural materials if it’s wood, seeds, or other materials it’s all natural. It’s not only to make sure it’s healthy and safe to wear for all people and in all conditions, but it’s also to make sure that it’s environment-friendly and reflecting the core of our beliefs and spirit.

Handmade: Every bracelet we have is even entirely handmade, or hand finished by a master artist, every bracelet we offer must go through a process of at least seven steps; some bracelets can take a twenty-step process. Many companies let machines do all the work for them, and we believe that no machine can do the quality, finishing and details our master craftsmen to do.

Here are some collections of different Buddhist Bracelets.

Find & Buy your own Buddhist Bracelets in our selection of accessories.

Olive Nut Necklace – Buddhist bracelet necklace

rudraksha bracelet

A Buddhist monk individually blesses every single bracelet we offer. The blessing is being administered to every unique bracelet we offer by a dedicated monk in a temple, no exceptions. It’s not to grant any superpowers or metaphysical abilities but solely for good energy and healthy vibe. Additionally, for every single bracelet that is blessed, we donate a percentage of our profits to a temple a group of monks or a meditation center.

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