Few things in life are superior to the smell of freshly baked cupcakes. Regardless of whether you like to lick the icing off first, split the cupcake in two and make a cupcake sandwich, or wouldn’t fret getting a nose loaded with frosting when you bite into it entirely, there’s no denying that cupcakes make the ideal little treat. Here is the list of best 5 cupcakes spots in Brampton

Brampton has a bunch of hidden gems that make the perfect cupcake. Regardless of whether you’re looking to celebrate a birthday, have a girls night, or need to treat yourself to one in the wake of a long week at the office, we know you won’t be disappointed with these spots.

Top 5 cupcakes spots in Brampton

5) La Cakery

La Cakery cupcake spot is each sweet tooth’s cut of heaven. With a pastry case loaded with full of cookies, cannoli, and custard tarts, it was difficult to focus my attention on the cupcakes. Be that as it may, I did, and I am certainly happy I did! Picking between cupcakes topped with strawberries, sprinkles, and cookies were tough, however, I settled on a classic red velvet one. I selected to eat this cupcake as a sandwich because I needed to get the cream cake to cake ratio as perfect as possible. The cake itself was fluffy and light, but my favorite part was the rich cream cheese frosting. Top that with the extremely patient staff as I asked a few times for recommendations, this is definitely a spot worth checking out.

lacakery cupcakes
4) Kraving’s Bake Shop

Located at 230 Sandalwood Parkway East, you won’t locate Kraving’s except if you are looking at it. Despite the fact that their cupcakes spots selection is small — they just had chocolate, vanilla, and red velvet available during my visit — the taste is worth the visit. I chose the vanilla one since I am a sucker for fondant flowers and palatable sparkle, and edible glitter and this cupcake had both! The cake was superbly sodden and had subtle notes of vanilla. The frosting was super sweet and despite being vanilla flavored, had a relatively fruity taste to it. The shop is small, yet the staff was friendly and helpful in offering me suggestions of what they like the most. Kravings also specializes in eggless offerings, and you can pop in their shop for cookies, cake pops and cakes at any time.


3) Dolcezza Custom Cakes

Tucked in the middle of a tattoo shop and a smoke shop is the cutest bake shop in downtown Brampton. Just follow your nose and it’ll lead you directly through the doors of this bakery. We’re not joking. Among the red velvet, vanilla, chocolate raspberry, and carrot cupcakes to choose, I picked classic chocolate. The cake itself was cushy and not overly sweet, which balanced out the sweetness of the icing perfectly. If you’re looking for a cute shop to pop in and grab a cupcake (or six, who’s judging?) this is the spot. However, they don’t only carry cupcakes. Pop into Dolcezza Custom Cakes for cookies, holiday-themed cake pops, or have them design the cake of your dreams for your special occasion.


2) Cristina’s Tortina Shop

Let me be honest with you: I don’t like chocolate cupcakes. Call me crazy, but I don’t understand the hype. That is until I tried one of Cristina Tortina’s chocolate cookie dough cupcakes. Stepping foot into the cupcakery, I was met with bright pink walls, friendly smiles and because it was my first time in the shop, I had every flavor explained to me. I chose the shop’s newest cupcake flavor — which actually doesn’t have an official name yet. It was perfectly moist, had a rich chocolate flavor to it, and there was even cookie dough baked into the bottom of the cupcake! Topped off with a buttercream frosting and a mini chocolate chip cookie, it was not overly sweet and made for the perfect treat. Cristina’s Tortina Shop is a unique cupcakery that showcases the capabilities and creates equal employment opportunities for individuals with down syndrome, autism, and other special needs. The shop’s delicious treats, friendly staff, and philosophy are all reasons why it should be your next stop for cupcakes!


1) Occassions

If you’re looking for funky flavored cupcakes, Occassions is the place to be! This nut-free bakery is located at 33 McMurchy Ave. North and with its bright blue walls and delicious scents, stepping foot into the colorful shop will have you feeling like a kid in a candy shop. Their cupcakes are called “cube cakes” because unlike traditional round cupcakes, they are cubed in shape. They also come in a variety of flavors, such as Just a “Mint,” Chocolate Monkey, You Had Me At Caramel and Orange Creamsicle. “Sin” namon Heart was their most recent holiday-themed flavor and if you like cinnamon hearts, this is the cupcake for you! The cupcake was made of cinnamon heart flavored cake and topped off with cinnamon buttercream. The cinnamon hearts made the cupcake with a fun, light pink color, which left a subtle spicy taste to the sweet cake. And with six cube cakes for only $12, my only regret was that I didn’t get the whole half-dozen for myself.

occassions2 cupcakes spots

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Top 5 Cupcakes Spots in Brampton

Occassions Cookies & Cakes
Cristina’s Tortina Shop
Dolcezza Custom Cakes
Kraving’z Bake Shop
la Cakery


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