Brampton designer displayed couture dresses made out of bathroom tissue.

Bathroom Tissue dresses

In a stunning fashion event exhibiting Canada’s best designers, Brampton designer displayed couture dresses made out of bathroom tissue.

Mani Jassal showcased her Bathroom Tissue dresses at the 15th annual Cashmere Canada event to kick-off October Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

The fifteenth annual Cashmere Collection, held each year, commenced October Breast Cancer Awareness Month, displaying 15 of Canada’s best fashion designers creations including Mani Jassal’s.

Have a look at Bathroom Tissue dresses

image003Bathroom Tissue dresses

image016“I had always wanted to do a dress like a bathroom tissue dresses as far back as I saw Cashmere Canada’s commercials,” she said. “It was likewise a chance for me to do South Asian fashion for the occasion since you haven’t that before – the diversity variety part of it.”

Motivated by her South Asian legacy and Canadian upbringing, Jassal’s designs have adorned superstars like Ashanti, Rupi Kaur, and Bebe Rexha to give some examples.


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Working with tissue, Jassal says, was an alternate and interesting experience from sewing with fabric.

“You don’t have to worry about how you’re sewing on the machine with fabric, though with bathroom tissue it will tear by like a needle or if it’s hanging close something it can get on,” she said.

Particularly with regards to Indian outlines that are typically heavier than other designs, Jassal says she had to be very careful when using tissue in her designs.

To date, Jassal has created seven collections ranging from bridal to evening and ready-wear pieces. Brampton designer, Mani Jassal, opened her store in Yorkville, Toronto and has dressed celebrities like Ashanti and Rupi Kaur.

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