If you haven’t chosen what your New Year resolution will be, following a ‘tech diet’ could be one.

On account of the Internet and social media, an ever-increasing number of individuals have understood the estimation of the phrase ‘health is wealth.’ Notwithstanding, the irony lies in the acknowledgment that too much time on your phone, laptop adversely affects your health. What’s more, to manage this, we as of now have imagined the idea of digital detox (taking a break from technology) however this we are going to above and beyond by settling on a ‘tech diet.’ To comprehend what a ‘tech diet’ is, we got in touch with nutritionists Sujetha Shetty and Tripti Tandon, who explain what this diet is and why it’s needed.

How tech affects our health

As indicated by specialists, when you are using your cell phone or your PC, around six neurochemicals are discharged in our body; and they influence the body too. These six neurochemicals are:

1)Adrenaline: Released in the circumstances of fight or flight. In the setting of utilizing your telephone, they are affected when somebody prefers your post on Facebook or retweets your tweet on Twitter.

2)Dopamine: Dopamine can be characterized as a joy neurochemical whose intention is to give us want to look for and to be remunerated for example instant gratification. Social media drives on manipulating your conduct by giving you a dopamine hit that you get from instant notifications when you are active on social media.

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3)Serotonin: It’s released in our bodies when we are feeling creative when we are occupied with something. For example, engaging in a Twitter discussion that is openly valued.

4)Endorphins: Also known as painkillers of the body. They are discharged when we encounter gratefulness, a feeling of quiet or having a place. They trigger a positive inclination in your body. For instance, the feeling you get when you get more than a thousand likes on your Instagram post.

5)Cortisol: This is released in unpleasant circumstances. Let’s say you something via web-based networking media and would like to get a positive reaction however it doesn’t occur, and then you get stressed out.

6)Oxytocin: Also known as a cuddle or love hormone. It is released when you feel a feeling of connection with somebody. For example, striking a new friendship on social media.

Is there is a thing called healthy technology

According to experts, technology can be fit just if utilizing it gives us, suppose a decent dose of brain-boosting oxytocin or endorphins. Specialists likewise express that their applications that assist us, however, there is a hazard that you may get dependent on them. Hence, the only way is using technology moderately, practicing digital detox and a tech diet.

What is a tech diet?

A diet routine that counters the impact of innovation can be characterized as a tech diet. Since six neurochemicals are affected; the diet should replenish it.

1)Serotonin regulating foods: Eggs, pineapple, salmon, spinach, nuts

2)Adrenaline regulating foods: Legumes, whole grains, kidney beans, oranges.

3)Dopamine regulating foods: Chocolate, blueberries, sweet potatoes, broccoli.

4)Endorphins are regulating foods: Strawberries, grapes, asparagus, yogurt.

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5)Cortisol regulating foods: Bananas, pears, black tea, cherries, mango.

6)Oxytocin regulating foods: Pumpkin seeds, potatoes, quinoa, sesame seeds.


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