The City of Brampton is getting tough with those who continue to flout social distancing rules during the coronavirus pandemic.

The city is enacting bylaws to enforce physical distancing that carries a fine of between $500 to $100,000.

Despite all parks and playgrounds in Brampton being closed since March 26, many are ignoring the signs and jumping fences to enter. Mayor Patrick Brown is hoping the threat of a heavy fine will make a difference

“These fines will ensure that those that disrespect the advice of public health to keep us all safe – there will be consequences for those actions,” he said.

The Brampton COVID-19 Emergency Measures bylaw includes regulations that:

  • Prohibit people from maintaining less than a 2.0-meter distance from one another on any public property (other than people they live with)
  • Prohibit businesses to allow people to sit or stand less than 2.0 meters apart whether inside or outside (other than people they live with)
  • Prohibit people from using any of the following City properties:

All Toronto events canceled, including Pride Weekend, facilities to remain closed

– playgrounds and other structures in parks
– leash-free dog parks
– picnic shelters
– outdoor sports facilities and outdoor fitness equipment, including sports fields, basketball and tennis courts
– recreation centers and surrounding lands
– parking lots
10 additional bylaw officers will be added to support the enforcement of the new bylaws.

Brown added that if there is any pushback regarding these fines, the Peel police and their team will also help with enforcement.

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