Eggs Benedict (or Benny for short) is a good breakfast/brunch where leftover poached eggs on top of an English muffin, coated with sauce Hollandaise. It dates back to the cookbook classics from the 1860s and has grown to include a variety of toppings sandwiched between poached eggs and an English muffin. It is also commonly served with a side of potatoes or fries and/or some fruit or vegetables to complement the dish. Here are some of the best Brampton offered:

5) John’s Family Restaurant:

This restaurant has been serving the community with excellence for over a decade now and has become a staple breakfast and lunch spot for those in the area. Ought not to be surprising to see them delicious salmon eggs benny in the top 5. The taste is particularly important when it comes to food, but the picture here says it all! A creamy and rich hollandaise sauce tastes lead you through the remainder of each bite. With 7 different eggs benny options to choose from in small or large portions (including avocado benny), John can satisfy your craving.

4) Exalta:

If the related breakfast, Exalta will be involved – this is given in Brampton. When it comes to eggs benny, plates practically a work of art! Fresh spinach in this blend Benny Eggs Florentine with eggs and hollandaise sauce is wonderful. Accompanied by a few potatoes seasoned, the flavor profile on this dish is quite large. Peameal smoked salmon and peameal bacon available as well!

3) Good Egg Dining:

Others such as egg GREAT Dining! Given the relatively low price compared to other options in the Top 5 this, it would not surprise me. potatoes and hollandaise sauce are some of the best on this list! While they may be only two components of this dish, they are key elements that determine the overall dish. Various other options on their menu, but with the value and taste is important, Good Egg Dining definitely a solid contender for this list!

2) J. Red & Co. Food + Drink:

This place continues to increase. Every city has some restos were set aside from the others and in a big way – to Brampton, J. Red & Co is one of those places. A great example of this is their eggs benny. The peameal meat itself is just delicious and the accompanying salad was the same. Where this dish really set itself above the rest? French fries. If your eyes are not interested in them myself, I give them a little boost now. The best potatoes in the Top 5 without question, it really lifted this dish to a top 3 finish.

1) AJ’s Restaurant:

So this is the best Florentine Eggs Benedict I’ve had in my life. Point. Just writing about it brings on the desire. Completing certain tastes and flavors is an art form; it’s very rarely anything left to chance. Hollandaise sauce mix, egg whites, egg yolks, spinach, mushrooms, and English muffins all compliment each other perfectly to such a level that it feels like a solid flavor within the same profile. Confusing? Think of the color spectrum where you can see the blue changes to green when you move your eyes through the spectrum. Now think of this dish as can let you taste the entire spectrum of all in one bite without skipping a single transition – a powerful thing! As if this were not enough, they went ahead and beautifully seasoned their potatoes to add a little spice to your food. Crunchy, savory and slightly salty. Brampton, this is one of the best eggs benedict far!

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