This question is part of the well-established discussion between two nations. The societies of both Canada & United States hold the view that their own country is the better place to live. By and large, neither one of the countries learns every one of the certainties about all the facts about what the other country has to offer. So, which is better: Canada or the United States?

 I have found some reasons why Canada is a better place to Live than the USA



Many Canadians feel that their country does not compare favorably to the USA, even though Forbes rated it as the best country in the world to do business as it has managed to dodge the economic crisis that has recently damaged the USA and Europe. Its’ people are great innovators, are well-traveled and have been seen as trendsetters, but it will take more than this to convince others that it is the better place to live, so this fun infographic has been produced to set the record straight.

In conclusion, My reasons state that CANADA is better because of the healthcare, property deals, lifestyle is best. I am not saying that the US is a bad Nation, Just that Canada is better. Yes, I am biased, completely. If you wish to advertise on Brampton-news, please Contact Us.

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